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The Farriers Foundation - Horseshoes

Support offered by The Farriers Foundation may be monetary but it may also take the form of providing work relief or legal advice, health and safety awareness or encouraging safe working practices.


Make an Application

To become a Beneficiary of The Farriers Foundation and application will need to be made in writing. The application may be made by the intended Beneficiary or by someone on their behalf.

Download the Application Form


Applications will only be accepted by post.  A submitted application form is not a guarantee of assistance from The Farriers Foundation.  Each application will be individually considered by the board of trustees and the appropriate assistance, whether that be financial, practical or other will be decided upon.  The applicant and the beneficiary will be advised in writing as to the outcome of the application.



It is always good to hear from Beneficiaries and we thank those that have written to us.


"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, unfortunately i have been in and out of hospital. I would like to say how grateful I am in receiving the cheque from you; it is a huge help as i am finding things very hard financially. I cannot thank The Farriers Foundation enough." November 2015.


"Having had to retire early this year due to serious ill health, The Farriers Foundation's generous and timely financial assistance was an unexpected and very welcome contribution to the family budget. It was delivered without fuss, with thoughtful timing, and an obvious appreciation of the problems of this difficult time. All farriers should be aware of the valuable work of this organisation." Autumn 2015.


"Just a quick note to you and the Foundation to say thank you for your help during my absence from work. The help given to me to keep up my forge was brilliant, sadly I had to make the decision that it really was a luxury I couldn't afford and have had to give it up, the ability to make that decision in my own time though was just what I needed as I battled to recover.
Today I shod a horse and did a couple of trims and is hopefully the start of the rest of my career. As soon as I'm up and back to full speed I will repay the Foundation for their help in the hope it can help others.
Once again my heartfelt thanks.
" December 2015.


"All the family and friends would like to thank The Farriers Foundation for their donation towards his funeral expenses following his tragic death. It is nice to know that there are organisations like this that can help in such unfortunate circumstances and it was greatly appreciated at such a difficult time." December 2015.





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